Ayse Oyku Ozgun was born in 1980 in Istanbul. During the period of 1994 – 1998, she attended the I.A.G.S.L Art Academy in Istanbul and proceeded to graduate from Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul.In 2003 she moved to Germany and joined the Art Academy in Münster. She was trained by Prof. Udo Sheel and Prof. Cornelius Völker and graduated in 2007as Master Student. Her base has been in Münster ever since.


2002 Turkish National Art Association Competition, Istanbul

2005 Class Exhibition in Liesborn Museum

2007 „Blumenhecht“ Burg Kniphausen Foundation

2007 Group Exhibition at C.A.M. Gallery, Istanbul

2008 “ From my Memories“ Solo Exhibition at C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul

2010 „Pieces of the Complete“ Art Exhibition Nürnberg

2010  North Art 2010, International Art Exhibition

2011 North West Art Exhibition, Art Gallery Wilhelmshaven

2011  North Art 2011, International Art Exhibition

2011 Ayse Öykü and Yunyi Liu, County Theatre Detmold

2013 „Kaleidoscope“ Solo Exhibition at C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul

2014 „Start Vol.2“ Group Exhibition at C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul

2015 KalkKunst , Köln

2015 „Jung und Alt“ Exhibition, Wiesbaden



2007 DAAD Prize for exceptional achievements of international students

20011-12 Schwalenberg- Scholarship of National Office of Lippe


2008 „Yaz/Sommer Dialog“ Workshop, Vienna

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